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Getting married? Growing your family? Buying a new home? Congratulations. And, also, you’re probably ready for Digital estate protection.

Life Protection covers your loved ones financial burdens if something happens to you. But what happens to your online accounts and other digital assets? How do you protect the digital assets of your estate?

With Noni Digital Estate Protection, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if something happens to you, your digital estate will be settled.

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Ease the burden on your loved ones.

How Noni Works

  1. Sign up and get covered.
    It only takes a few minutes.
  2. Plan and maintain your Digital Estate
    Noni makes it easy to securely and privately plan and maintain your digital estate. Your plan remains private and only accessible by you.
  3. We Verify and Distribute Your Instructions
    Should something happen to you, we verify the event and then securely distribute your instructions for your digital estate to your chosen loved ones.
  4. We Help Settle your Digital Estate
    You can choose us to close down selected online accounts or transfer their access easing the burden on your loved ones.

Digital Estate Protection

  • Estate Planning for Digital Assets
  • Secure & Private Planning and Management Portal
  • Secure plan distribution to your fiduciaries upon life event
  • White Glove fiduciary services for online account closures

Get Covered Get Covered

Get Covered Get Covered

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I feel better that my children won’t have to wade through my digital estate if something happens to me.

– Michael P.

Wow! I have digital estate protection and it only took minutes to sign up! The process was simple, quick, and painless. Noni helps me seamlessly manage my digital estate.

– Kelly R.

Noni is a wonderful company. They made me feel like family from the start. I will recommend them to anyone.

– Archie W.

Extremely affordable digital estate protection. Using Noni is straightforward. Great customer service via email or in-app, quick responses.

– Carl B.

Very easy and quick!

– Tunde Y.

Noni is very easy to use. Organizing my digital estate was a breeze and maintaining it is effortless.

– Kwame W.

I looked at many do-it-yourself tools. Noni gives me peace of mind knowing that my kids won’t have to deal with closing down all my online accounts. Noni has my back.

– Carla S.

I feel better that my children won’t have to wade through my digital estate if something happens to me.

– Kelly R.

Signing up was easy. I hope my family never has to file a claim, but if they do, they’ll be covered.

– Wade S.