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Digital Estate Protection Your Clients have been Waiting For

You’ve been telling your clients for years that they need to plan their digital estate in case something happens to them—but you haven’t been able to offer much concrete assistance other than to tell them to plan, write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

With Noni, your clients can privately and securely plan and maintain their digital estate. If something happens to them, Noni’s Digital Executors follow your client’s instructions either closing down or transferring access of their online accounts to persons they choose. Your clients can also choose their loved ones to manage this process on an account-by-account basis.

Benefits of Digital Estate Protection

White Glove Digital Estate Settlement

Noni Digital Estate Protection guarantees the estate will have a seamless expedited transfer of access of your clients online accounts and other digital assets. As directed by your clients, Noni’s technicians will ensure unwanted online accounts are closed, terminated and settled. Other Digital Estate “Do-it-Yourself” tools place this burden on the decedent’s loved ones.

Easy to Plan

Noni’s planning portal makes it easy for your clients to plan their digital estate at their leisure.

Asset-by-Asset Planning

Clients can designate individual executors, and instructions for each asset or asset type, making their digital estate plans as simple as they want or as complex as required. They also can appoint Noni Digital Technicians to close online accounts or transfer access to contacts as directed, relieving this burden from their loved ones.

Secure and Private

Noni’s Planning Portal is cloud-based with military-grade security and access controls. Only after Noni has verified a life event will it securely distribute the digital estate plan to authorized and designated persons.


For a fraction of the cost of life protection, Noni covers what life protection cannot. When referred by professionals like you, Noni becomes even more affordable for your clients.

Seamless Maintenance

One of the hardest parts of managing digital assets is how often the credentials change. But Noni’s got that covered, with automatic prompts to update account information whenever a change is detected.

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