Why Noni

Ease the burden on your loved ones – Don’t create one.

We provide personalized solutions that empower our clients to take control of their digital lives, providing them with peace of mind and comfort in knowing that their family is secure.

We got your back. In case something happens to you, we will securely distribute your instructions for your digital legacy to your fiduciaries and assist in closing online accounts that you direct, easing the burden on your loved ones in their time of grief.

With Noni, unlike using do-it-yourself tools, you can rest easy knowing that your digital estate will be settled by professionals with as little impact to your loved ones as possible.

Keep your plans secure and private.

Cryptocurrency & NFTs? No problem

With Noni, unlike using spreadsheets and shared password managers, you can keep your plans secure and private. Upon life event verification, Noni distributes your private instructions for your digital estate to your trusted fiduciaries.


Choose Digital Friends

Your trusted Fiduciaries, Family Members and Business Partners who will manage these assets if something happens to you.


Manage and Maintain

Noni’s browser extension automatically adds assets and update credentials.


Catalog Assets

Quickly establish your Digital Estate  identifying electronic devices, electronic files and online accounts


Assign Instructions

Create detailed instructions for each electronic devices, eFiles and online accounts


Plan Distribution

Upon a life event, Noni securely distributes your private instructions to each of your Digital Executors and assists in closing unwanted online accounts.


Catalog Assets

Quickly establish your Digital Estate by adding digital assets via manual creation, bulk importing or Noni’s browser extension


Select Transferees

Elect an unlimited number of transferees and assign them on an asset by asset basis


Add, Delete, Edit

As your Digital Estate and credentials change, use Noni’s browser extension to quickly add assets or change passwords


Life Event Verification

Upon notification, Noni independently verifies the life event.


Instant Transfer

Life event verification triggers the execution of the smart contract and each asset’s instruction & credentials are securely sent to the transferee.

Our promise to you

No Pressure. No hassle

We respect your time and listen to your feedback

We’ll try our best to keep the legal jargon to a minimum.

We’ll never stop learning and looking for ways to improve our service.

Noni is extremely affordable and the setup process was simple and straightforward. Great customer service via email, quick responses.

– Jojo K.

Our Story is Most Likely Your Story Too

We often experience turns in life with the unexpected passing of a loved one.

When this happened to our co-founders, as executors of their loved one’s estate, they painfully struggled to identify online accounts, gain access to them and transfer or close them. Locked out of phones & computers with no direction, much of their loved ones’ digital estate remains unsettled even today. This is the last thing they wanted to do in their time of grief and found out the hard way that this is one of those unfortunate situations that cannot be resolved with life insurance.

How was it possible in today’s digital world there was no solution to help someone protect their digital legacy? Noni’s mission is to fix this problem.

Noni is a diverse team of mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons dedicated to making a better experience for survivors of loved ones in their time of grief. We provide anyone who wants to plan for the unexpected to protect their digital legacy.

We strive to make digital estate planning an integral part of modern life, enabling you to achieve your goals with confidence and ease.

Join thousands of customers who love Noni

I feel better that my children won’t have to wade through my digital estate if something happens to me.

– Michael P.

Wow! I have digital estate protection and it only took minutes to sign up! The process was simple, quick, and painless. Noni helps me seamlessly manage my digital estate.

– Kelly R.

Noni is a wonderful company. They made me feel like family from the start. I will recommend them to anyone.

– Archie W.

Extremely affordable digital estate protection. Using Noni is straightforward. Great customer service via email or in-app, quick responses.

– Carl B.

Very easy and quick!

– Tunde Y.

Noni is very easy to use. Organizing my digital estate was a breeze and maintaining it is effortless.

– Kwame W.

I looked at many do-it-yourself tools. Noni gives me peace of mind knowing that my kids won’t have to deal with closing down all my online accounts. Noni has my back.

– Carla S.

I feel better that my children won’t have to wade through my digital estate if something happens to me.

– Kelly R.

Signing up was easy. I hope my family never has to file a claim, but if they do, they’ll be covered.

– Wade S.

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