The Importance of Estate Planning For Digital Assets

February 26, 2024

By Lee Goupil

In a digital age, estate planning involves more than just physical assets. With the increasing reliance on technology, it’s crucial to consider your digital assets when creating an estate plan. From sentimental items like photos and emails to valuable assets like cryptocurrencies and online businesses. Digital assets are becoming an integral part of our lives.

Here’s why you should include them in your estate planning:

1. Identify and Inventory Your Digital Assets

The first step in including digital assets in your estate plan is to identify and inventory them. Make a list of all your digital accounts, including social media, email, financial, and cloud storage accounts. Also, include any digital files that hold sentimental or financial value, such as photos, videos, and documents.

With tools like Noni, you can quickly and easily catalogue these assets by uploading or using a browser extension to auto populate them.

2. Secure Your Digital Assets

Once you’ve identified your digital assets, it’s important to secure them. Use strong, unique passwords for each account.

3. Include Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

When creating or updating your estate plan, be sure to include your digital assets. Specify how you want your digital assets to be handled after your death or incapacitation. You can designate a digital executor who will be responsible for managing your digital assets according to your wishes.

4. Consider the Legal and Practical Issues

There are legal and practical issues to consider when including digital assets in your estate plan. Some digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, may have complex ownership and inheritance rules. Consult with legal and financial professionals who are knowledgeable about digital assets to ensure that your estate plan is comprehensive and legally sound.

5. Communicate Your Wishes

Lastly, it’s essential to communicate your wishes regarding your digital assets to your loved ones. Provide instructions on how to access your digital accounts and where to find important digital files. Keeping your loved ones informed can help avoid confusion and ensure that your digital assets are handled according to your wishes.

In conclusion, estate planning for digital assets is crucial in today’s digital age. By identifying, securing, and properly planning for your digital assets, you can ensure that they are managed and distributed according to your wishes. Consulting with professionals and communicating your wishes to your loved ones can help ensure that your estate plan is comprehensive and effective.


Utilizing a Digital Estate Protection service such as Noni enables you to easily create an estate plan for your digital assets, effectively and efficiently.  As a result, you’ll have peace of mind that your Digital Legacy will be taken care of, and your loved ones won’t be left in the dark.

About Noni

At Noni, we strive to provide assistance in navigating the complex realm of digital affairs of the Estate. Our mission is to:

Empower consumers to plan for the disposition or transfer of their digital assets. Ensuring their wishes are respected and their loved ones are supported during a difficult time.

Help families navigate the complexities of winding up the digital affairs of a deceased loved one. Providing guidance and support every step of the way.

Assist online providers in managing the online accounts of their deceased users. Helping them to honor their users’ privacy and safeguard their information.

Through our services, we aim to bring clarity, compassion, and expertise to an often-overlooked aspect of modern life. Our mission is to help our clients feel confident that their digital legacy is in good hands.